Tunes for our Prime Ministers

The Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017 by making available to all Canadians tunes written to honour the leaders of our nation.  These tunes have been written by some of Canada’s best known fiddle composers and players. Building on a project to mark Canada’s 100th birthday by the late Graham Townsend, today’s fiddle players continue to personify the great Canadian fiddling culture through these tunes.

The CGMFA hopes that these tunes will serve as an educational foundation for the art of Canadian fiddling while recognizing the icons of Canada’s political history, known as our Prime Ministers.

Thank you to all the artists who donated their talent to this project.  No remuneration was sought or provided to any of those involved. (Special thanks is given to the mother and daughter team of Loretta and Sherryl Fitzpatrick who undertook to bring this project to fruition.)