Junior Showcase

2023 Junior Showcase applications are now closed. 

Applicants will be notified of the results later this spring. 

In 1993, under the leadership of past board member Bruce Murray, the CGMFA Board of Directors began the Junior Showcase as part of the Saturday Night Finals program. Since 1993, up to four Junior Showcase participants throughout Canada are selected annually by the CGMFA Board of Directors to perform. While this is for some people a one time performance opportunity on a national stage, facts and history point to this showcase as a springboard for future fiddling success. A number of these fiddlers have gone on to promising and established performance and teaching careers, including a portion of those who have not competed at the annual competition. 

Of the 114 Junior Showcase participants who have participated, the breakdown of contest participation is as follows:

The names of these competing fiddlers can be found in the CGM Full Contestant History document

Selection Criteria

Approved by the CGMFA Board (Dec. 2022) and faciliated by the Junior Showcase Selection Committee (sub-committee of the CGMFA Board).