Ottawa, ON

1st Place: Julie Fitzgerald (ON)
2nd Place: Kyle Charron (ON)
3rd Place: Eric Provencher (ON)

Top 11 Finalists:

  1. Julie Fitzgerald (Bancroft, ON)

  2. Kyle Charron (Barrie, ON)

  3. Eric Provencher (Oshawa, ON)

  4. Greg Henry (Sombra, ON)

  5. Paul Lemelin (Sudbury, ON)

  6. Rosanna Burrill (Upper Musquodoboit, NS)

  7. Trent Freeman (Comox, BC)

  8. Karrnell Sawitsky (Saskatoon, SK)

  9. Chris Anstey (Winnipeg, MB)

  10. Paul Dacier (Fassett, QC)

  11. Braden Gates (Fort Saskatchewan, AB)

Junior Showcase Performers:

  • Jane Cory (Saint Norbert, MB)

  • Renee Doucet (Lower Sackville, NS)

  • Georgia Kuchinsky (Edmonton, AB)

  • Benoit Schryer Lefebvre (Desbarats, ON)


  • Jake Charron (Barrie, ON) - Piano, Guitar

  • Martine Billette (Ste-Barbe, QC) - Piano

Special Guests:

  • Shane Cook & Troy MacGillivray


  • Ray Legere (Amherst, NS)

  • Mark Sullivan (Vancouver, BC)

  • Calvin Vollrath (AB)

Master of Ceremonies:

  • Gordon Stobbe (NS)

Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Peter Dawson

Yamaha Awards:

  • Adam LeBlanc (Memramcook, NB) – CBB101 Carbon Fiber Bow

  • Keiran Poile (Whitehorse, YT) – SV-130 Silent Violin


The Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association would like to formally thank Yamaha Canada

for their generous donations of the bow and fiddle to Canada’s premier Old Time Fiddling Contest.

The Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association also wishes to formally thank the Ottawa Folklore Centre for their

generous donation of the annual 2nd place trophy which has been awarded annually since the first CGM competition in 1990!

The Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association also wishes to thank

the following sponsors and advertisers for their support:

Yamaha Canada


RBC Foundation

Rideau & District Old Tyme Fiddlers Corporation

Ottawa Folklore Centre Ltd.

Brigadoon Restaurant

Chad Wolfe Studio of Dance & Music

ChancesR Restaurant

Class Axe Guitars

Craig & Taylor Associates

Dairy Barn

D’Arcy McGee’s

Bryant – Harold Workman Ltd.

Kemptville Truck Centre Limited

La Vallée Restaurant

Les Écuries Knight Stables


Peter Dawson Violins

The Royal Oak Pub

The Sewing Room