Abbotsford, BC

1st Place: Ethan Harty (AB)
2nd Place: Kyle Burghout (
3rd Place:
Jane Cory (MB)

Top 11 Finalists:

  1. Ethan Harty (AB)

  2. Kyle Burghout (ON)

  3. Jane Cory (MB)

  4. Paul Lemelin (ON)

  5. Kai Gronberg (BC)

  6. Ryan D’Aoust (MB)

  7. Emma March (ON)

  8. Michael Burnyeat (BC)

  9. Tristen Durocher (SK)

  10. Maggie Whitaker

  11. Raymond Knorr (SK)

Junior Showcase Performers:

  • Malacai Hiebert (MB)

  • Caleb Hunt (AB)

  • Amelia Parker (NS)

  • Jude Thompson (BC)


  • Trent Bruner (piano, SK)

  • Melika Lemelin (piano, ON)

  • Calvin Vollrath (guitar, AB)


  • Patti Kusturok (MB)

  • Louis Schryer (QC)

  • Daniel Gervais (AB)

Master of Ceremonies:

  • Cathy Sproule

Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Daniel Lapp

People’s Choice Award:

  • Tristen Durocher

Ward Allen Memorial Trophy for “Best Old Time Waltz”

  • Ryan D’Aoust (for “Valse Blue” in the Preliminary Round)