Winnipeg, MB

1st Place: Ethan Harty (AB)
2nd Place: Kyle Burghout (MB)
3rd Place:
Alex Kusturok (AB)

Top 10 Finalists:

  1. Ethan Harty (AB)

  2. Kyle Burghout (MB)

  3. Alex Kusturok (AB)

  4. Alanna Jenish (ON)

  5. Michael Burnyeat (BC)

  6. Paul Lemelin (ON)

  7. Max Francis (BC)

  8. Ryan D'Aoust (MB)

  9. Emily Yarascavitch (ON)

  10. Braden Gates (AB)

People’s Choice Award:

  • Malacai Hebert (MB)

Ward Allen Memorial Trophy for “Best Old Time Waltz”

  • Anna Smilek (for “Aretha's Waltz” in the Preliminary Round)

Junior Showcase Performers:

  • Nya Chapman (MB)

  • Calum Goetzke (MB)

  • Paul-Jacob Lemelin (ON)

  • Becky Wilson (SK)


  • Trent Bruner (piano, SK)

  • Melika Lemelin (piano, ON)

  • Jeremy Rusu (guitar, ON)


  • Brian Hebert (ON)

  • Rodney Krip (SK)

  • Mark Sullivan (BC)

Master of Ceremonies:

  • Calvin Vollrath

Canadian Fiddle Hall of Honour Inductees:

  • Larry Martineau

  • Frontier School Division (Blaine Klippenstein & Cameron Baggins)

  • Anne Lederman

  • Mel Bedard

  • Garry Lepine

  • Patti Kusturok

Competition Videos

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